Financial Planning

Financial Planning

“Planning your future is not a choice…… it’s a Responsibility”

It has been stated that 70 per cent of people that partner with a financial adviser and receive ongoing advice and support, are financially more successful than those people who choose not to. The statistics indicate that enlisting the help of a financial planner can be the difference between ……… success and failure.”

We utilise “specialist advisers” in providing comprehensive and expert advice associated with implementing, managing, reviewing and benchmarking your financial planning needs.

Our advisory team can help you by showing you…..

  • How to plan for a comfortable retirement and ensure your investment assets will last throughout retirement years?
  • How to manage your superannuation funds and contribution & draw down strategies!
  • How to Invest, When to invest and where to invest?
  • How to balance your budget and manage your cash inflows and outflows?
  • How to provide for adequate Insurance and protect you families lifestyle and assets?
  • How to ensure Estate assets are distributed within the best possible manner?
  • How to manage, review and update your financial affairs throughout the various changes that occur in your life and economic environment?

Our Value….. .

The value of having Refocus Financial Group on your team is that you have direct access to a coach, advisor, mentor and project manager that is with you during each step of your journey. Like most things in life, if you set goals, implement a plan and then follow it, you will have a much greater chance of achieving those goals.

Financial planning is not something you play with. Refocus Financial Group understands the importance of getting things right by clearly understanding:

  • Where you are now,
  • Where you want to be in the future
  • What plans you need to put in place to help get you there in the best possible manner

Our advice and service systems provide you with the greatest chance of achieving your goals. With the most comprehensive and specialised advice areas within the industry, Refocus Financial Group can help you with… 

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