Marketing Strategies and Services

Marketing Strategies and Services

The key to any successful business is a sytemised and structured marketing plan. You can have the greatest product or service in the world, but if you don’t reach your target audience and continue to seel to existing customers/clients, you may well be out of business before you know it?

The statistics suggest that 2 in 3 small businesses fail within the first 3 years. This can be put down to man factors, but the main one is the lack of an appropriate marketing system that WORKS!

At the Refocus Financial Group, we have strategic alliances with the best marketing organisations in the world! We can help facilitate the right advice and service in any form of marketing and including:

  • Developing a Marketing system and strategy that works…guaranteed!
  • Helping co-ordinate the implementation of your Marketing system
  • Choosing the right media format for your business
  • Assessing your website and enhancing its capabilities
  • Facilitating your needs directly with designers, printers, etc on your behalf
  • IT systems that will enhance your marketing strategy
  • CRM Management systems

Whether you’re a start-up business looking to get your business up and running, or whether you are an established business wanting to grow and generate more sales or business, we can help.

Where do you start when it comes to designing YOUR best Marketing strategy? You start by talking to us and we can ascertain the appropriate advice, services and more importantly the right professionals to work with to achieve your business and Marketing goals!

We offer pretty much everything to get you from Strategy through to Design and Creation to complete your marketing campaigns.  This includes:

Marketing Strategy

We work with your business to develop strategies to get the best results for you! Tailored plans to get maximum results and fit in with your systems!

Graphic Design

Getting your creative right is essential in whatever marketing you are doing. We pride ourselves on delivery fantastic graphic work!

Web Development

Your online presence is your resume for any prospective client, talk to us about building your online profile to showcase your business’s point of difference.

Mobile Apps

Smart Phones and Tablets have revolutionised the way we live. Have you got an app idea? Talk it through with us and we can help you make it a reality.


We have a network of high quality printers that can produce great printing at low prices and we deliver all over Australia.

Video and Audio Creation

Video and Audio can be very powerful whether on mass media or just using youtube.  We can help you make that commercial or just an explainer for your website.


Stubby Coolers, Shirts, keyrings, umbrellas, golf balls, you name it we can get it made quickly and efficiently.


Whether it’s a car sticker, shop signage or pull up banners we supply everything you need to promote your business at the point-of-sale.

Content Creation

We can help you put what you do into words, images and video to communicate exactly what you do.

Social Media

Social media allows you to talk with your customers and join their conversations. We can help you engage your customers and grow your audience.

Search Engine Optimisation & Search Engine Marketing

Getting your search rankings right is a fine art nowadays. Talk to us today about putting together an affordable plan to get you the traffic you desire.

And much more

If you need any assistance or know somebody that could utilise our services please let us know.

Call us today on (07) 5479 5848 for a FREE no obligation discussion and how we can help YOU!