Our Business Values

Our Business Values

ABOUT US – Our Business Values

At the Refocus Financial Group we genuinely and authentically conduct all our client and business dealings in line with the following core values.

We genuinely care about our clients and their families financial & lifestyle wellbeing. We care about being with our clients throughout their individual and unique journey through life and ensuring they are safe, secure and protected in every way. To help and support with the various financial and lifestyle decisions that need to be made on an ongoing basis.

We will always be trustworthy. We hold our clients faith and trust that they place in us as their trusted advisers in the very highest of regard. We will never betray this trust and will always be confidential and personable with the trust our clients place in us.

We respect our client’s thoughts, opinions, wants and needs. We will always treat our clients with respect. We earn the respect of our clients by delivering and living by the values that we hold and the way we deliver our advice and services in a professional, effective and efficient manner. We ask for the same respect in return.

We will always be honest and open to all clients and team members. We tell it as it is and will not hide, deceive or mislead in any way. We will tell the truth good, bad and indifferent in all circumstances and with no exceptions or compromises.

We will always be true to our word. What we say we will do, we will do. If we can’t we will try our hardest to achieve what we say we would. We will always deliver our advice and services in an effective communicative manner on time, every time. We will be professional in all dealings with our clients.

We value the fact that it is effective and efficient communication that our clients need and should be provided with. We will always keep our clients informed and will respond to our clients communication needs. We will communicate to our clients on a regular basis.

We provide the highest level of professionalism to all clients. We conduct and present ourselves within the highest professional manner including our office environment and the way we correspond with all clients.

We treat our client’s information with the highest level of confidentiality. We understand that our clients trust us with personal information and that all discussions are held with the strictest of confidence.

We are committed to the achievement our clients goals and objectives as if they were our own. We ask that our clients commit to our business and value and respect the advice and service that we provide.

We are loyal to our clients and ask that our clients be loyal and faithful to us.

We have a positive, helpful and caring attitude towards all clients. Our attitude is always friendly and courteous. We have fun and demonstrate a happy and open personality at all times.