Our Value

Our Value

Wealth advice is about giving you support and guidance on the best way to manage your finances to help you achieve your goals and dreams. This can include advice on investing, managing debt, retirement planning, protecting your family in case something happens to you or ensuring your estate assets are distributed to the right people, at the right time and in the most tax effective manner.

Achieving your goals is the central aim of the advice process. Research has found that clients often mention a “feeling of control”, a “sense of relief” and “confidence” in achieving their goals as the ultimate benefits of quality advice.

The right advice from the right people can help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be? Peace of mind, control, achievement, satisfaction, support, guidance…

Our clients like that we help them understand their finances and make it fun to plan for and achieve their goals.

Our value is that we:

  • We are our clients trusted authorityand provide honest, authentic and reliable solutions and outcomes
  • Provide greater certainty in an uncertain world
  • We deal with our clients complexitiesand handle these on their behalf
  • Investment selection: Sorting through the thousands of investments available to arrive at a portfolio of appropriate investment strategies and structures that is appropriate, robust and delivers the outcomes clients seek.
  • Portfolio Management: Firstly helping clients understand their Risk Profile and the keeping their investments within the appropriate ranges.
  • Goal setting: We actually clarify and clearly determine our client’s goals and actually write them down. The power of having goals written down is a powerful process and provides a greater chance of success rather than meandering through life without written goals.
  • We help clients make sound investment decisions rather than emotional reactions. It’s not just the actions and decisions we help our clients make, it’s the actions and decisions we help them avoid that are sometimes more powerful and valuable
  • Strategic Advice: How to maximise outcomes within the law and take advantage of the leading edge strategies and structures
  • Accountability: We not only help define what our clients need to do to achieve their goals, we keep you accountable by ensuring all actions and changes get implemented (some may not do it without our prompting).
  • A steady influence in volatile times
  • We are there to provide answers to our clients financial questions and queries
  • A translator of tax law, investment philosophy’s, economic environmental issues, legislative changes that’s foreign to most clients
  • We educate our clients and keep them informed and in more control of their finances.
  • We take care of the paperwork and reporting on all investments so you are always financially well organised.
  • Most importantly we provide the best solutions to our client’s issues and problems and possibly even more importantly…..the problems they may not be aware that exist!

Now all this is worth paying for!

Benefits/Outcomes to our advice:

  • Peace of mind around your Retirement plans and goals
  • Confidence in knowing you have the most appropriate investment strategies to achieve your lifestyle goals!
  • Clarity around your current and futures cashflow needs.
  • Comfort and peace of mind knowing your family is appropriately protected.
  • Peace of mind knowing your estate assets will be distributed to the right people at the right time and in the most tax effective manner.